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Risk & Compliance Management

Risk & Compliance Management is about ensuring that an organization:

  • Does regulatory compliance work (ex.. ISO27000, GDPR) and activities in a structured way and has controls, processes and procedures in place to handle deviations.
  • Meets and complies with all relevant requirements and regulations with regards to the confidentiality, integrity, and overall security of its data.
  • Has a good understanding of what is happening in its IT landscape, and has the procedures and routines in place to handle any anomalies.

How Risk & Compliance Management provides business value

Proper Risk & Compliance Management is necessary in order for an organization to work effectively with IT security, for example:

  • It provides a structured and efficient way of working for organizations that seek improved internal control over information security and IT security.
  • It coordinates and establishes an environment where the IT security department, the IT organization, and the business stakeholders work effectively together.
  • It reduces the risk and the consequences of security incidents.

How IT Advisor can help you

We help our customers in a wide range of areas:

  • Identify internal and external requirements as well as carry out as-is analysis.
  • Define processes and procedures to enable working in a structured manner.
  • Management of both technical and organizational changes.
  • Participate in procurement of IT systems and also implementation of IT-Systems.