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Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management is the ability to manage, operate and maintain who has access to what, and how the access should be provisioned. In other words, IAM covers the entire lifecycle of all identities and their privileges!

Properly applied, IAM can meet the business’ needs for greater security and more effective business processes, while at the same time simplifying the end-user experience.

How IAM provides business value

Properly functioning IAM provides business value in a number of areas. For example:

  • Shorter lead times through process automation.
  • Shorter time-to-market by providing central, standardized and reusable IT-services.
  • Better control over what is happening in the IT landscape.
  • Lower risk through improved security.

How IT Advisor can help you

IT Advisor has extensive experience and in-depth expertise in I&AM solution architecture, design, implementation as well as operations and maintenance of I&AM solutions at some of Sweden’s largest companies and organizations. We therefore know how to maximize the business value of I&AM.

Our goal is to establish long-term partnerships with our customers where we can support the planning, implementation, and operations of their IAM initiatives and strategies.

  • Identify the business and technical requirements that drive the need for an IAM-solution.
  • To calculate the business case for IAM investments.
  • Vendor evaluations of IAM solutions.
  • Definition of IAM roadmaps and strategies.
  • Change management during the implementation of IAM solutions.
  • Project management and technical implementation of IAM solutions.
  • Integration between legacy applications and IAM systems.
  • Development of custom solutions tailored to customer specific requirements and processes.
  • Operations and maintenance of existing IAM.