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Cyber Security Monitoring & Control

Cyber Security Monitoring & Control is the ability to effectively monitor, detect and counteract potential threats, attacks and malicious use of IT-services to the business.

This includes having processes and routines in place together with security mechanisms in the form of technical solutions for detection and prevention of threats.

How Cyber Security Monitoring & Control provides business value

  • Having the knowledge and the ability to handle incidents effectively and efficiently.
  • Monitor the challenges and problems of today and to be prepared for the future.
  • Reduce the risk of interference as well as incidents in daily operations.
  • Better control of what is happening in your IT landscape to support the business and the IT-organization.

How IT Advisor can help you

  • Identify the business and technical requirements for cyber security solutions.
  • Define and establish cyber security roadmap and strategy including business case.
  • Procurement of cyber security services, solutions and software.
  • Project management and technical implementation of cyber security solutions.
  • Operations of cyber security services and solutions.