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Cloud Migration & Integration

We assist our customers in their cloud journey, from cloud strategy with business case, through establishing cloud brokering services, to integrate, transform and migrate applications and IT services to selected cloud services.

We offer skilled and experienced consultants that are certified by Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure, AD, etc.) together with well proven and solid frameworks.

How IT Advisor can assist in increasing business value during the cloud journey

  • Establish a good and solid base for the work with cloud services by defining cloud strategies, evaluating business cases, analyzing suppliers, etc.
  • Accelerate the introduction of the use of cloud services as well as enhance organizations’ skills and abilities related to the cloud.
  • Ensure efficient and correct use of cloud services, e.g. by introducing cloud brokering.
  • Establish and deliver integration, transformation, and migration projects with good precision and expected result.

How IT Advisor can help you

Below follows examples of deliverables, activities and capabilities that IT Advisor can help you with:

  • Cloud Strategy
  • Business Case analysis
  • Cloud Brokering service
  • Cloud service supplier selection and purchase
  • Cloud Architecture (Network, Compute, Storage, Operations, IAM, etc.)
  • Cloud Integration & Migration (IAM, Network, Operations, Security Monitoring & Control, etc.)
  • Cloud Automation (Serverless computing, AI, Code-based infra)