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End-to-end services strengthening the entire IT security value chain - from solution to operations

IT Advisor is an IT security company that provides both consulting and product specific services


Is your IT organization struggling to handle its IT security risks and requirements? Are your IT security solutions and services governed effectively?

IT Advisor’s consultants can support your organization in achieving its goals. We can strengthen your organization with subject matter expertise and experience.

Project Management

Are you planning an IT security project? Or is your project not living up to your expectations?

IT Advisor provides project and program managers with many years of experience delivering complex and business critical IT security projects within IAM and SRM.

Subject Matter Experts

Is your IT organization trying to find the best solution to meet the needs of your business?  Are you planning on running a technically challenging implementation or transformation project?

At IT Advisor we are used to working with your customers in all steps: From analyzing requirements, designing solutions, evaluating vendors, to implementing and operating IAM and SRM solutions.

Cloud Migration

Cloud services have become a reality for many organizations. Does yours have the knowledge and experience to maximize the opportunities Cloud technologies provide, without putting your business at risk?

IT Advisor has worked with leading Cloud vendors for many years.

Our Consultants

Our consultants have extensive experience and deep subject matter expertise in the entire IT Security Value Chain® – from governance, project management, architecture, to specific technologies. Many hold multiple certifications.

Typical roles and assignments:

  • Advisors
  • IT Security Architects
  • Solution Architects
  • Project and Program Managers
  • System Analysts and Developers
  • Integration Specialists
  • Service Managers

Some certifications:

  • ITIL Foundation
  • PMP
  • CISM
  • AWS Solution Architect

Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management is the ability to manage, operate and maintain who has access to what, and how the access should be provisioned. In other words, IAM covers the entire lifecycle of all identities and their privileges!

Properly applied, IAM can meet the business’ needs for greater security and more effective business processes, while at the same time simplifying the end-user experience.

How IAM provides business value

Properly functioning IAM provides business value in a number of areas. For example:

  • Shorter lead times through process automation.
  • Shorter time-to-market by providing central, standardized and reusable IT-services.
  • Better control over what is happening in the IT landscape.
  • Lower risk through improved security.

How IT Advisor can help you

IT Advisor has extensive experience and in-depth expertise in I&AM solution architecture, design, implementation as well as operations and maintenance of I&AM solutions at some of Sweden’s largest companies and organizations. We therefore know how to maximize the business value of I&AM.

Our goal is to establish long-term partnerships with our customers where we can support the planning, implementation, and operations of their IAM initiatives and strategies.

  • Identify the business and technical requirements that drive the need for an IAM-solution.
  • To calculate the business case for IAM investments.
  • Vendor evaluations of IAM solutions.
  • Definition of IAM roadmaps and strategies.
  • Change management during the implementation of IAM solutions.
  • Project management and technical implementation of IAM solutions.
  • Integration between legacy applications and IAM systems.
  • Development of custom solutions tailored to customer specific requirements and processes.
  • Operations and maintenance of existing IAM.

Risk & Compliance Management

Risk & Compliance Management is about ensuring that an organization:

  • Does regulatory compliance work (ex.. ISO27000, GDPR) and activities in a structured way and has controls, processes and procedures in place to handle deviations.
  • Meets and complies with all relevant requirements and regulations with regards to the confidentiality, integrity, and overall security of its data.
  • Has a good understanding of what is happening in its IT landscape, and has the procedures and routines in place to handle any anomalies.

How Risk & Compliance Management provides business value

Proper Risk & Compliance Management is necessary in order for an organization to work effectively with IT security, for example:

  • It provides a structured and efficient way of working for organizations that seek improved internal control over information security and IT security.
  • It coordinates and establishes an environment where the IT security department, the IT organization, and the business stakeholders work effectively together.
  • It reduces the risk and the consequences of security incidents.

How IT Advisor can help you

We help our customers in a wide range of areas:

  • Identify internal and external requirements as well as carry out as-is analysis.
  • Define processes and procedures to enable working in a structured manner.
  • Management of both technical and organizational changes.
  • Participate in procurement of IT systems and also implementation of IT-Systems.

Cyber Security Monitoring & Control

Cyber Security Monitoring & Control is the ability to effectively monitor, detect and counteract potential threats, attacks and malicious use of IT-services to the business.

This includes having processes and routines in place together with security mechanisms in the form of technical solutions for detection and prevention of threats.

How Cyber Security Monitoring & Control provides business value

  • Having the knowledge and the ability to handle incidents effectively and efficiently.
  • Monitor the challenges and problems of today and to be prepared for the future.
  • Reduce the risk of interference as well as incidents in daily operations.
  • Better control of what is happening in your IT landscape to support the business and the IT-organization.

How IT Advisor can help you

  • Identify the business and technical requirements for cyber security solutions.
  • Define and establish cyber security roadmap and strategy including business case.
  • Procurement of cyber security services, solutions and software.
  • Project management and technical implementation of cyber security solutions.
  • Operations of cyber security services and solutions.

Cloud Migration & Integration

We assist our customers in their cloud journey, from cloud strategy with business case, through establishing cloud brokering services, to integrate, transform and migrate applications and IT services to selected cloud services.

We offer skilled and experienced consultants that are certified by Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure, AD, etc.) together with well proven and solid frameworks.

How IT Advisor can assist in increasing business value during the cloud journey

  • Establish a good and solid base for the work with cloud services by defining cloud strategies, evaluating business cases, analyzing suppliers, etc.
  • Accelerate the introduction of the use of cloud services as well as enhance organizations’ skills and abilities related to the cloud.
  • Ensure efficient and correct use of cloud services, e.g. by introducing cloud brokering.
  • Establish and deliver integration, transformation, and migration projects with good precision and expected result.

How IT Advisor can help you

Below follows examples of deliverables, activities and capabilities that IT Advisor can help you with:

  • Cloud Strategy
  • Business Case analysis
  • Cloud Brokering service
  • Cloud service supplier selection and purchase
  • Cloud Architecture (Network, Compute, Storage, Operations, IAM, etc.)
  • Cloud Integration & Migration (IAM, Network, Operations, Security Monitoring & Control, etc.)
  • Cloud Automation (Serverless computing, AI, Code-based infra)