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We provide IT security consulting and cloud-based services

Business Idea

We are a company that offers IT security consulting and product specific services. We can also operate our clients’ IT security services and solutions.

We do this by having extensive knowledge and experience within all areas of IT security: From strategy to operations. We call this The IT Security Value Chain®.


Our vision is to be Scandinavia’s leading IT security consulting firm, and the natural choice for our clients when they are looking for a partner within this area.


Our Consultants

We shall be an attractive employer who emphasizes the personal and career development of our consultants.

Our Customers

Our clients are some of Scandinavia’s leading companies in industries such as:

  • Telecommunication
  • Logistics
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing


We also work with major public sector organizations.

Our Core Values

Our core values shape everything we do: from recruiting, personal development, sales, helping our clients, management of our company, to how we act in our day-to-day work.

Our core values determine how we create the best team, that provides our clients with the best service, so that we become their best partner.


Quality in everything we do.


The energy and commitment of the entrepreneurial spirit is a central part of our corporate culture.


Professionalism is a prerequisite to be able to assist our customers in the best way.

We partner with world class companies.

Our partners are leaders in their fields. Together, we can provide superior solutions and support to our customers.



We work with global companies and organizations in different industries